3 Green Ways to Save Money on Petrol Today

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Instead of collecting those 4c Off Vouchers & only filling your car on a Tuesday, here’s 3 ways you can save more each week.

Saving money on petrol costs has the added benefit of reducing your Carbon Emissions (your Carbon Footprint) & decreasing the demand for Oil.

The demand for petrol is putting us at the mercy of the daily fluctuations of Oil prices. Leaving us little choice but to purchase our petrol from the same Company we purchase our Groceries, or we miss out on that $2.50 a week saving (and really ladies…that’s what we’re saving on average.) Then there’s filling up on Tuesday during the ‘normal price fluctuation cycle’ (if I had a dollar for everytime I’ve heard that on the News.) Now the Service Stations have gotten wise to that fact that we’re onto their cycle & they’ve changed it. It’s now Wednesday before the prices drop & we’ve all filled up on Tuesday at 5c per litre more.

So, we’re at the mercy Petrol Prices.

Or are we?

I think NOT & here’s 3 ways you can get back in control of what you pay for petrol.

  1. Run you car like you would a business. Make it work for you, justify every kilometre & dollar spent on petrol against what you’ve achieved from making that trip. Firstly you could plan your trips and do your errands in a loop to reduce the number of kilometres you drive. Secondly, do you really need to drive the 1.5km to the shops? Would there be a ‘Nett Benefit’ from walking & making it part of your daily routine. Nett benefit of walking to the shops is a reduction in driving of 21km a week, which is 2-3 litres of Petrol, saving you at least $3-5. Another benefit is you lose a dress size in a few months & feel fabulous.
  2. Car Pooling. Going to work, dropping kids at school, going shopping or out for lunch. Get into the habit of asking if anyone close by is going to the same place you are. Take turns with the driving & even if you don’t live close to your workmates, organise a safe & secure drop off or pick up point. Every Morning & Evening on Freeways all over the world are millions of people sitting traffic on their own; bored & frustrated. How much more fun would it be to have someone to talk to. You could save a fortune on your Mobile Phone bill too! For tips on Car Pooling, please visit Envigreen
    The Nett Benefit in Dollars & Carbon Emissions on this one varies per person but the Physical & Emotional Benefits of not sitting in your car alone & angry could save you a fortune in Medications & even help you Live Longer.
  3. Greening Your Travel. The Jury is still out on Biofuels as a long term solution to reducing Carbon Emissions, but if you’re making a choice between Fuel containing Ethanol & your usual Unleaded choice, price just might just be the determining factor here. Fuels containing Ethanol are usually about 2-4c cheaper per litre & are fine to use even in cars that require 95 Octane fuel as the Ethanol makes the fuel burn hotter, giving it a higher Octane than normal Unleaded. There are also several Biofuel Additives about to be released into the Australian market so keep your eye out for those to improve the performance or your engine.

There you have it, 3 ways to get back in control of what you’re paying for petrol. The added benefits of employing these tips could see you happier, healthier, thinner, richer & reducing your Carbon Footprint.

Here’s an Amazing Slideshow from Reuters depicting what’s going on in the world right now due to rising Oil Prices. It’s shows 34 more reasons why we need to curb our use & think of the future.


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