3 HOT Winter Beauty Tips

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Staying Gorgeous during the colder months is easy with our Hot Winter Beauty Tips.

  1. Hands will be Colder & Drier as your body heat will be drawn to your trunk to maintain your core tempreture. Be sure to take good care of your hands by wearing gloves to wash dishes & clean your home. Keep a good Moisturiser in your Handbag and next to the Sink.
  2. Watch the Tempreture & Duration of your Shower or Bath. It’s easy in the colder months to stay in longer & crank the hot water but this will lead to your skin drying out quickly. Nobody wants those yucky dry patches on their shins! So gross.
  3. Eat Your Spinach! No complaining, I wont hear it! It was good enough to keep Popeye in tip top shape & being jam packed with Vitamins it’ll do wonders for you too! Believe me, Radiant Beauty comes from the inside so fry up some Garlic & a pound of Spinach and prepare to look HOT!

Just while we’re on the subject of eating to look HOT! I’ve just finished a rather fabulous book called How To Eat Like a Hot Chick by Jodi Lipper & Cerina Vincent.

Now I must warn you, there’s some rather colourful language used to describe the Author’s attitude to Food & Dieting but don’t let that get in your way. You’ll be far too busy agreeing with & laughing at their marvellous descriptions of why we women do what we do when it comes to food, self esteem, guilt & love. There are some very Empowering Steps involved in eating like a Hot Chick, it’s all about Self Esteem & Being Kind to Yourself…and Spinach. Eat your Spinach ladies, it’s the gateway to feeling fabulous!

How To Eat Like a Hot Chick is published by Harper Collins & will cost you $24.95 at any good bookshop.

Check out Jodi & Cerina’s entertaining & informative column on the Huffington Post

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  1. peta says:

    Speaking of HOT, that’s how I would describe this website! Hey, that book sounds very interesting LA … can i call you LA? You said everyone does, so I will too! I might see if I can hunt down a copy. Gorgeous Things online is looking fantastic!

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