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Gorgeous Things was founded in 2006 by Lesley-Ann Trow.

Golf: a game of persistence, focus, and acceptance

Lady Golfer

I’m not 100% sure what attracted me to learning to play golf. It may have been the wandering around in the outdoors for half a day, or possibly the complexity of the game with all those clubs and endless possibilities, but most likely it was the chance to learn a new skill that I could […]

What’s the difference between yoga and pilates?

Yoga is a spiritual practice

Each to their own. There’s yoga, pilates and now even yogalates. How do they differ and why would you choose one over the other? Well, here’s a clear and simple guide that will help you identify the benefits of yoga and pilates.

Do you wake up feeling exhausted wondering if you slept at all?

Girl Sleeping

There’s 2 kinds of sleep – there’s rejuvenating sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed and then there’s the 7 hours of unconsciousness that many people think of as sleep – but leaves them feeling just as tired as when their head hit the pillow. According to a leading sleep researcher you could be one of […]

We’re Back

Lesley-Ann Trow at Pillow People

It’s only taken 3 years but I’m sooooo happy to say – the Gorgeous Things blog is back! To paraphrase the unstoppable Lara Bingle…”where the bloody hell have we been?” Well, I’ve been super busy building the People People retail business and working my butt off helping the good people of Sydney find their perfect […]

16 Things you didn’t know about sleep

Waking Refreshed

Did you know that 12% of people dream only in black and white, and that Koalas sleep for 22 hours a day! Sleep is the most important factor to ensure your wellbeing so here’s a few weird and wonderful facts about a topic that’s close to all our hearts. You can learn more about how […]

Are you an Ethical Omnivore?

Are you an Ethical Omnivore?

I loved this post on the High Steaks Farming blog so much I had to share it here with you all – Check out some of their other great posts about the ethical raising cattle and sheep on their farm on the NSW Central Highlands. Ethical Omnivores So apparently us compassionate foodie types have been […]

Sydney Beauty Expo: Soto Skincare, Flameless Candles & more frikin Botox

Sydney Beauty Expo: Soto Skincare, Flameless Candles & more frikin Botox

The yearly pilgrimage to Darling Harbour for the Sydney International Beauty Expo took place on Saturday and I have only three points to make, well maybe four if you include how awesome the Momos were at the Nepalese food fair taking place just across the way in Tumbalong Park. So here are my three points. […]

Do you love vintage dresses?

Sharon Perkins from Beaut Vintage

Yay! Me too! But not a s much as Sharon Perkins from Beaut Vintage… I noticed Sharon’s website Beaut Vintage when she dropped by to comment on Laura E’s most recent post. I liked the site so much that I asked her to share a little bit about herself, her love of vintage dresses and […]

Marcus Buckingham and how to discover your ‘strongest life’

Marcus Buckingham - Finding your Strongest Life

Here’s a question for you… ‘Out of three, how would you rate your level of happiness?’ With one being ‘not very happy’, two being ‘fairly happy’, and three being ‘very happy’ How can this be right? According to management consultant, author and speaker, Marcus Buckingham (who by they way, is fabulous if you ever get […]

Free Clothes! Seriously!

Free Clothes! Seriously!

Maybe it’s because it’s Sex & the City 2 week, but fashion is currently taking a front seat in my life. I’m finding myself lingering longer in King St shop windows, touching delicate fabrics with a wistful sigh and fantasising about being able to walk daintily in 6 inch spike heels. And you know when […]