C’mon Get Happy – Plan a Holiday

Domestic Goddess, Things n Stuff! — By on June 10, 2009 at 7:49 am

Where to go on holiday?Right, where are we going on holiday?

Sometimes you just have to follow the signs. This morning I’ve followed two signs. Firstly, I opened my email to see an ad for Sir Richard Branson’s private island Necker, in the British Virgin Islands…seems it’s only $51,000 per night to rent the whole thing! Bargain!

Next I headed over to iStockphoto where I was to download a few images for a site I’m working on. The image of the girl and the plane to the left was their Photo of the Week.

See, it’s all starting to come together. Now all I need is to follow the next sign which will surely show me the way to the $350,000 to pay for the 6 days, 7 nights basking on the glorious white sands, next to the turquoise waters of Sir Richard’s idyllic private island. I wonder if that sign will take the form of a rainbow – with a big neon flashing arrow pointing to the end that contains the pot of gold?

OK, you know I’m kidding around, but honestly, I’ve had a great morning planning my virtual holiday. Dreaming about Pina Coladas on the beach, playing tennis with Richard Branson and finishing the day with a delicious hot stone massage. Daydreaming over, it’s time to get back to the real task at hand – the 10 day Road Trip in the Campervan to Byron Bay and beyond, visiting friends along the way. Now that’s what I call a real holiday.


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