Easy Step by Step Ways to Keep Your New Years Resolution

Health — By on January 2, 2008 at 7:58 pm

Step 1 is easy – Don’t make any resolutions!

But if you do insist on making one or several resolutions for 2008 then I’m going to give you some easy ways to keep them. Over the next few posts I’ll be working my way through some of the most common resolutions.

Let’s start with one I have a huge amount of personal experience with.

Giving Up Smoking – for good!

There are a million ways to do this and most of them involve spending a fortune on patches, gum and gimmicks. I have another way that takes some effort but doesn’t cost a cent.

When I gave up I read ‘Alan Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking’ and there was only one line (and I’m paraphrasing) in the whole book that really resonated with me.

“If I have another cigarette I will smoke for the rest of my life”

Now, the trick is to say this whilst picturing the most ghastly old lady with no teeth and horribly wrinkled skin dragging hard on a cigarette. NLP in action. Say it to yourself every time you want a cigarette and everytime you see someone else smoking. The visualisation is also incredibly important and one doesn’t work without the other. Everytime you crave a cigarette, picture yourself as the scary old lady, imagine what you would look like at 80 with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth. Same with everyone else you see smoking.

No amount of telling yourself it’s bad for you will stop those little nicotine monsters from gnawing at you making you think your head will explode if you don’t have that next cigarette soon…especially when you’re out with friends having a drink or chatting to one of your girlfriends on the phone. Perhaps though…appealing to your sense of vanity will make the process easier to endure.

Next post we’ll look at Getting Fit. For this post I’ll be recruiting some outside help from some gorgeous girls (my surfing buddies) and boys. Check it out later this week.


  1. Peta says:

    Hurray for you being smoke free for soooooo long, Gorgeous Things blog queen (MUCH longer than me!) I spent an absolute bomb on patches, lozenges etc in order to kick the habit … I shudder to think how much money I dropped with the local chemist over about a two year period. Nothing worked – if I wanted a cigarette, I’d just rip off the patch, then have one and make myself feel ill from the excessive nicotine in my system. It wasn’t until I said to myself “Peta, that is ENOUGH!”, and truly meant it, that I was able to slay the nicodemon. Well, to be honest, I’ll never slay it – it’s always lurking in the shadows, and I always need to be on my guard. But like you, I knew that if I kept sucking on those fags, I’d never stop. Ever. Funnily enough, when I finally did quit, I did it without any aids – like you – and although there were a few days of discomfort, it wasn’t THAT bad. The physical addiction is not the hardest bit to conquer – it’s changing your whole attitude to smoking and seeing it for what it is – a vile, revolting, smelly, pointless, costly, dumb, life-draining activity! If I ever weaken and have another cigarette again, I know I’ll be a slave to them for the rest of my days, so I won’t! The ticker I downloaded from a website called Quitnet also provides me with some fairly potent motivation to stay on track – today it’s telling me it’s a whopping 600 days exactly since I last dragged on a fag (YAAAAY!) The mere thought of seeing that ticker revert to single numbers again makes me feel queasy. But my 10 month old daughter is the biggest reason of all. Sorry for the rant, Queen Gorgeous – but I felt like reflecting on this milestone, so your post was very timely. Congratulations to you – and me – on being non smokers. May it stay that way.

  2. admin says:

    Go Peta! Thanks for reflecting your awesome milestone of 600 days with us all – massive achievement :)

    The nicotine replacement industry has got to be almost as big as the tobacco industry by now???

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