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Mineral Make UpBeing someone that rarely leaves the house without a sweep of Mascara and a few dots of Concealer, I’ve consistently looked for make up that is both safe and natural.

My sensitive skin means whatever I apply needs to be hypo-allergenic and free from chemical nasties, otherwise I’m red and blotchy within minutes. The best results I’ve had so far are with Mineral Make Up. This is delicately effective make up, comes in a huge range of colours and preparations with everything from liquid and powder foundations through to eyeshadow and blush. 

What makes Mineral Make Up different to other foundations and powders is it’s ability to give great coverage without blocking pores, allowing your skin to breath. Most foundations create a film on your skin, whatever is trapped under that film stays there until you next cleanse your skin.

Underneath your make up may be inflammation in the form of acne or pimples, Eczema, Dermatitis or even Rosecea and all day long your film of foundation is holding in the heat of that inflammation and causing – more inflammation. It’s no mystery then why most make up only makes these conditions worse, leading you to apply more make up to cover blemishes. Mineral Make Up is non-eclusive, meaning it doesn’t form a film on the skin and wont lead to further inflammation.

Mineral Make Up is also recommended by plastic surgeons and other health professional for it’s ability to cover scarring. With mineral powder foundations, you have the ability to apply several layers to create the coverage needed without fear of blocking pores and causing breakouts. Mineral eyeshadow is also great because it’s water resistant, it doesn’t slide into the creases of your eyelid and wont cause redness or itchy eyes. So your make up stays put all day or night, even when exercising you skin can breath and you’ll stay gorgeous – and above all else your skin will stay healthy. Another great bonus is that mineral foundations are formulated with Micronised Titanium Dioxide & Zinc Oxide. These natural minerals block the harmful rays of the sun. 

There are several brands of Mineral Make Up available now but there are a few things you need to know before you make your choice. Look for a brand with No Talc – even though Talc is a mineral it’s not the kind of mineral you want in your make up. Talc can clog pores and can dry your skin, leading to the same inflammation issue as your usual foundation. Bismuth Oxychloride and Boron Nitride are a couple of other ingredients that may cause irritation in more sensitive skins and if you’re buying a Liquid Mineral Foundation, be sure to check that it contains a non-paraben preservative. As always when buying cosmetics and skincare, check the packaging to ensure it’s recyclable, if not reusable.

There are several great Aussie companies producing Mineral Make Up, you can find most of them online and some in pharmacies and health food shops. Buying Australian cosmetics and skincare means you don’t have to concern yourself with the cost in both financial and environmental terms of getting the products here and if you have a question regarding your make up you have the convenience of being able to contact the company directly.

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Photo credits: Jane Iredale Mineral Make Up

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