Hooray for Hemp – Sustainable Fashion, Fibre and Skincare

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Alright, I’ll admit it. Many years ago when I first heard about hemp being used to make clothes and skincare products I thought to myself, “isn’t there way more money in growing it to be smoked?” Didn’t even occur to me that it would be a completely different species of cannabis, didn’t even know there were other species?

Thanks to the dearly departed founder of The Body Shop, Anita Roddick  I now know better. There’s absolutely no point in chopping up a hemp rope and trying to smoke it, the level of THC in Industrial Hemp or as it’s known to those adept with a trowel, Cannabis Sativa, wouldn’t be enough to give you even the mildest buzz.

So, what’s the benefits for our planet and people in cultivating hemp for it’s fibre and oil?

Here’s what Hemp can do!

Tony Budden of ’Hemporium’http://www.hemporium.com/ ] a South African company that specializes in the multifarious products that can be made from hemp, talks about the environmental, nutritional, industrial, social and spiritual benefits of using hemp to provide us with almost all of our everyday products. These range from biodegradable plastics, non toxic detergents, composites that are stronger than steel yet lighter, finest quality paper, foods, textiles and many more.

He explains how the crop is a natural pest deterrent and requires no pesticides and very little fertilizer (natural please) and touches on the fascinating history of the plant revealing many important truths of our day. A must see for people who care about the planet and want to live as harmlessly as possible! More about the history and benefits of hemp here >>

We’ve talked about organic cotton and bamboo here before so I thought it was about time we brought you a round up what’s going on in the world of hemp – things just seem to be getting more and more interesting, and way more fashionable.

Hemp Fashion

Hood Lamb Sea Shepherd Tank


Hemp with attitude!

Just love that they’ve teamed up with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to produce a range of Hemp Ts, tanks and hoodies so you can show your support for the Sea Sheperd’s anti-whaling and other worthwhile campaigns.

If you’re looking to buy HoodLamb clothing in Australia, I’d suggest giving Richie at the Gnostic Hemporium a call or drop in next time you’re up on the Central Coast. He’s got a great range of fashionable hemp, organic cotton and bamboo clothing as well as other cool stuff. I love his shop, it’s like walking into a festival.

About HoodLamb’s collaboration with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

Sea Shepherd takes a direct approach to enforcing the international ban on killing whales which the Japanese Whalers illegally ignore every year. These whalers continue to kill whales under the false guise of “Research.” However, the Sea Shepherd’s direct approach has stopped approx. 60% of the whaling and taken t he profits from these whalers. Hemp HoodLamb® has outfitted the officers of Sea Shepherd in custom arctic canno HoodLamb® jackets for their 2010 arctic campaign which can be seen on the tv-show ‘Whale Wars’ which shows on both Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel. Read more here >>

Hemp in Skincare

Hemp Hemp Hooray Lime CleanserOne look at the About Us page here on our blog or on the Gorgeous Things website and you can’t help but notice my reason for starting this nearly four years ago was to share the holistic way I’d discovered to deal with my own eczema.

Hemp Oil is a fantastic Anti-Inflammatory, so added to skincare or even taken internally it can work wonders on eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis and any other immune response skin condition.

The range from Hemp Hemp Hooray! caught my eye recently. We all know what a sucker I am for great packaging…but only when it’s backed up by a great product inside! Tick, and double tick for this superb range.

The founder of Hemp Hemp Hooray!, Teresa McDowell has a blog that I’d recommend checking out if you’d like to get to know this proudly Aussie, growing company a little better before handing over your hard earned dollars. Actually, I’m going to give her a call this week, maybe she’d like have a chat?

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