How to get your Man to Behave like a Gentleman

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A little bit of eye candy for you :)Does your guy need some help to become more ‘manly’?

Firstly, let me clarify, I’m not talking about football-and-beer-with-the-boys type manliness. What I’m referring to is manliness in the being-a-mature-adult-and-behaving-like-a-gentleman kind of way. Here’s some examples. Does he know how to cook a roast? Would it occur to him to offer you his jacket as the temperature drops? What about dressing appropriately – can he do this without you having to make a few ’adjustments’?

They say good men are hard to find. Perhaps none of the previous attributes are important to you, and that’s fine, but if you would like your guy to ‘man up’ then you might like to introduce him to The Art of Manliness and let him decide for himself if there’s anything he’d like to learn, improve or cultivate. The Art of Manliness is a fantastic community with about 35,000 members that any man (or woman for that matter) can enjoy being part of.

As an introduction, try this post on The Art of Manliness – Become a Renaissance Man without Spending a Dime

You’re Wearing That? (or The Art of Dressing…Dad Style)

Men in Tights

Having decided Tasmania was a little quiet for their liking, my mum and dad are moving back to Sydney, but firstly they’re doing some travelling. On the last day of their visit here we decided to head to Newcastle for lunch with the idea of walking from Merewether round the coast to The Brewery (gorgeous walk if you ever get the chance – loads of historic buildings and beautiful coast line).

What I hadn’t noticed until it was almost too late were the new track-pants my dad had chosen to wear. My dad has ‘eclectic’ dress sense at the best of times – but these were extreme even by his standards. Robin Hood would have been envious.

As dad walked out of the bedroom my jaw dropped.

“What?” he asked.

I replied with a chortle “Where’s your bow and arrow?”

You have to understand, my dad and I have a great relationship, firmly built on trading sarcasm and clever (but never malicious) insults.

“Honestly Dad, have you seen those pants in a mirror?” I enquired.

The retort “You know I can’t stand wide-legged track-pants, they make me look too short.”

I continued “But Dad…you look like Robin Hood…do you have to wear them out?”

He tried to defend his choice again “But they’re comfortable.”

I knew I was going to have to resort to an emotional plea if I was going to win this one.

With an increasing sad, pleading expression “Dad…would you please wear something else. For me?”

I wish I had a photo to show you of my dad’s Robin Hood track-pants…but I’m sure you can picture them. Although I probably wouldn’t be cruel enough to post it here.

I’m sure you’ve been there, enquiring of one of the men in your life – son, husband, boyfriend or father. “You’re wearing that?”


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