How to make cleaning fun…Yes, we’re serious!

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Tips for making the boring thankless task of household cleaning a little less dreary.

1. Use products that smell great and have minimal chemical content. This will lift your spirits (instead of gassing you and giving you a headache) and ensure your skin is protected from drying and allergic reactions.

2. Playing uplifting music when you are doing tasks you don’t enjoy will make them all the more easy to manage. We recommend Motown or the Bridget Jones soundtrack but whatever puts you in a good mood will do the trick.

3. Get yourself a cute apron. Think the domestic goddesses of the 50′s who took such pride in their domestic chores. It’s simple psychology; it’s been proven that if you smile for long enough when you feel down, you’ll start to feel happy. So, why wouldn’t it work for cleaning, put on the apron, think domestic goddess and before you know it you’ll be on the phone to McMahon & Tate asking what time Darren will be arriving home for dinner.

We’re not suggesting you become a Stepford wife, not by any stretch of the imagination, and we’re not trying to set the feminist movement back 50 years. We figure that if you’ve got to do these chores then you may as well attempt to make it enjoyable for yourself. It’s something to think about anyway.

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NB: This post was first published in 2007 but it’s one of our core messages so I thought we’d give it another run with the launch of our new site.

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