Live Green Festival Sydney 2008

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There hasn’t been a more glorious Sunday inLive Green Festival 2008 Sydney in months, perfect for a trip to Victoria Park in Camperdown for the Live Green Festival.

Sitting on the grass in the sun with thousands of other Sydneysiders, with great Live Music and an almost Summery vibe in the air – the City of Sydney deserves a mountain of praise for putting together such a fabulous event.

Live Green was a celebration of all things Sustainable, Recyclable & Organic. With Seminars on Ethical Investing, Sustainable Seafood and how being Green is actually Cheaper than our outmoded wasteful way of living. It’s like something Sophie Ulliano from Gorgeous Green said to me recently, Green is just good old fashioned common sense. It’s not a new concept (although we do have many new ways to be Green) it’s almost like moving forward to the past.

Growing our own Organic Vegetables, Reusing & Recycling to avoid Lifestyle at Live Greenwaste, slowing our lives to a manageable pace and becoming more community orientated. Nothing new there! We’ve just needed to rediscover this way of life – plus some amazing technological advancements to allow us to maintain our needs and convenience.

The Festival has something for everyone with a Kid’s Theatre, Shopping for Lifestyle Products and Homewares and a great selection of Coffee and Food with an emphasis on Organic and Fairtrade produce.

We spent a good portion of the day relaxing in the Coopers Green Bar which had a view across the entire Festival and chatting to other Sydneysiders who were out to enjoy the sun as much as the friendly vibe. Thousands of smiling people and the feeling that we’re all there for one reason really did make me proud of my City. Gorman Ship Shop

The highlight for me was the Gorman Shipping Container Shop. I’m a big fan or Gorman’s organic cotton clothing and couldn’t help but be impressed with their Reuse of an old Shipping Container to create a mobile store. You can shop for Gorman Organic Clothing at

The Sydney 2030 Plan was also on show and it was great to hear a fair bit of debate amongst the crowd as to whether the plan goes too far or for some – not far enough. Personally, I’ll be happy to see Clover Moore re-elected if it means the 2030 Plan will go ahead. A city with a heart, sustainable transport and sustainable housing for some reason seems to make good sense.

So, if you missed Live Green this year, make sure you check it our next August because you really did miss a great day!


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