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Cast your vote!Read this blog for long enough and you’ll start to get a bit angry. What? Angry?

If what you read sometimes here on Gorgeous Things doesn’t make you angry then you’re probably not taking it personally.

Sure we spend quite a bit of time talking about how to take care of your skin without chemical nasties and style your hair without tipping L’Oreal’s chemistry set on your gorgeous hair. BUT I wanted to give myself and everyone else a quick reminder about what’s at the heart of Gorgeous Things.

Here goes:

  1. Beauty & Brains
  2. Awareness & Action
  3. Natural approach first
  4. Nurture yourself so you can nurture others
  5. Nurture the planet

No where does it say that you need to become an activist but we do try to give you the knowledge and means you need to do something positive. Whether it be giving you reviews of earth and people friendly products, or simple ways to cut down your weekly fuel consumption and sometimes ways to feel good naturally so you don’t have to reach for the pharmaceuticals straight away.

One way to make your choices easy is (as my good friend and business partner Christian Jacobsen puts it) think of every dollar you spend as a vote.

Then take this one step further (and this is where Chirstian’s genius really kicks in) think of these votes as – for and against.

Spend a dollar in Subway, McDonald’s or KFC and that’s one vote against your local take-away food store as well as one vote for big fast food chains.

Now there’s a good way to make it personal.

Who are you voting against without really thinking about it?

Oh, and our online magazine launches in a few short weeks. Got something you want to share with Gorgeous Things readers? Well, write it down and if we think it fits well with what I’ve talked about in this post – our 5 values – we’ll publish it when we launch in May. Write about anything you like – max 1000 words.

Got something to say? Want it to be read by tonnes of women? Send it to la@gorgeousthings.com.au


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