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Watch your money grow!

Watch your money grow!

I’ve recently signed up to the DailyWorth Newsletter (financial education for women in plain-English) and I’ve gotta tell you – it’s the best thing I’ve done in 2010 so far!

Check it out and if you have something you want to save for in 2010 – take the pledge and get saving.

Here’s the pledge they sent me in my DailyWorth Newsletter this morning. I love the way it’s worded – very action orientated and empowering! Join me in the pledge and make yourself proud of your saving efforts in 2010.

The Pledge

Yes! I pledge to save in 2010.

Yes! I already have a savings account that I would like to contribute to, or I will set one up. I am calling this account my (choose: Emergency Fund/Curve-Ball Fund, or anything you’d like to save toward) savings account. I will set it up by this day:     .

Yes! I will automate this savings by setting up a transfer to happen on the day of every month.

Yes! I will start by saving 5% of my monthly income, or an amount that I am comfortable with, specifically $ a month.

Yes! When I am confronted by fear or hypnotized by the latest sale at (name favorite store), I will choose my future and save instead.

Yes! I will be patient with myself, and I won’t let small set backs keep me from reaching my goal of $                  saved by December 31st, 2010.


I’m starting 2 accounts, the first one is the sensibly titled “In Case of Emergency – Break Glass” fund  – this is where I’ll be putting my 5%. The other, slightly more frivolous fund is “The Little Blue Box Account” – that’s right, I’ll be taking those savings (the money I save by halving my weekly coffee expenditure) straight down to Tiffany & Co in Castlereagh St this coming Christmas and buying myself something nice.

There’s no need for you to make your amount public if you’re not comfortable doing so. It will though help you to be accountable to your pledge if you at least tell someone, I’d suggest your least judgemental friend.

Good Luck! Might see you Christmas shopping (for yourself) at Tiffany’s :)

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