Feel Great Aromatherapy Blends

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Wake-up Bright Eyed & Bushy Tailed Blend

This blend kicks some serious butt when it comes to blasting out the cob webs – prepare to be productive!

1 drop Lemon
1 drop Rosemary
1 drop Lemongrass
1 drop Peppermint

Get Cosy with your Significant Other Blend

Maybe use this one if you’ve given the credit card a bit of a workout and need to break the news – good luck!

2 drops Veviter
2 drops Rosewood
2 drops Bergamot

Hangover Helper Blend

Well, we’re only human, right?

3 drops Tea-tree
3 drops Lavender

Mental Health Day Blend

Sometimes a girl’s just gotta shut the world out and do nothing for an hour – this will make it feel like you’ve had a whole day off.

2 drops Rosemary
2 drops Basil
2 drops Thyme

Bootcamp Blend

Feeling like you’d rather be in the Bahamas than behind you desk? Use this blend to focus and rise to the challenge of giving your best at work.

2 drops Palma Rosa
3 drops Ginger


  1. Aromatherapy makes me relax and it relieves me of my daily stress.

  2. | body detox says:

    aromatherapy should be a part of healthy lifestyle. my favorite essential oil to use in aromatherapy is Lavender oil and Lemon Oil. the aroma of lemon oil helps enhance mood and relaxation.

  3. Jayden Scott says:

    I have several aromatherapy candles at home and they can really soothe my stressed body

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